About Me


Professional Make-up &
Special Effects Artist

With a brush and palette in hand, Johanna Cool turns faces into canvases of beauty and expression. A Belgian talent with a world-class education from Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Belgium and the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, her artistry has touched the realms of film, TV, fashion, and theatre.

Her craft, refined over 7+ years, is a blend of precision and innovation, capturing the essence of beauty across all cultures and skin types. Recognized as a leader in color matching, Johanna’s attention to detail earned her the prestigious NYX Face Awards in 2018.

Johanna’s philosophy is simple: every face is a unique story waiting to be told, and makeup is the medium. She doesn’t just create looks; she reveals wonders. Her art is personal and professional—a fusion of beauty, fashion, airbrush, and special effects makeup.

Why Makeup?
For Johanna, makeup artistry is life’s art. The joy in her clients’ eyes is her true accolade. Each stroke is driven by passion, making every look as unique as the person behind it.

Available for various projects, Johanna Cool is the artist for any occasion who brings the ‘wow’ effect every time.